Resources and Links

We have made a list of resources for those seeking more knowledge: news articles, reports and other information about sex work. You’ll also find links to international sex worker’s organisations from all over the world, to sex worker activist’s websites and to other individuals and organisations who support our work.

Do you know of more resources that can be added to our list? Please contact us here.


…then again they are not totally stupid either – Our newest report on the Swedish Model!

EN ANNAN HORISONT – Our 2014 report about sex work and HIV/STI-prevention from a peer-perspektive (in Swedish).

Hands off our clients!” ICRSE’s advocacy and activism tool kit against the criminalisation of clients of sex workers.

Sweden’s abolitionist discourse and law: Effects on the dynamics of Swedish sex work and on the lives of Sweden’s sex workers – Jay Levy and Pye Jakobsson (2015).

The Real Impact of the Swedish Model on Sex Workers – Advocacy Toolkit by NSWP (2015)

The Swedish Sex Purchase Act: Claimed Success and Documented Effects – Östergren and Dodillet (2011).

The Swedish Model of criminalising sex work since 1999 – A joint briefing paper by Rose Alliance and Scarlet Alliance.

“We want to save you! And if you don’t appreciate it you will be punished!” – Short film about the Swedish model.


Cammming Connection – Stripper web’s forum for female cam models.

Keeping Safe – NSWPs saftey guide for sex workers.

Stripper Web – Forum for female strippers. Help, tips and tricks from peers.

Scarlett Academy – Independent website with resourses for sex workers, partners of sex workers and others seeking knowledge.

Sex Worker Open University – Created by sex workers to build community, educate the public and advocate for sex worker’s rights.

Scarlet Men – Support for male sex workers – Australia

Ugly Mugs – Saftey scheme for UK sex workers.

x:talk – Sex worker language project, UK.


Den Queerfeministiska Oasen – Texts about sex work from a queer feminist perspective.

Laura Agustín – On migration, sex work, trafficking and the rescue Industry.

Feminister För Solidaritet – Group for Swedish feminist activism in solidarity with sex workers (In Swedish and English).

Prostitutas Indignadas – Spanish activist group.

Sexliesducttape – Jane Green is an Australian sex worker and a member of the Vixen collective.

Titts & Sass – Group blog written and curated by sex workers.

Petra Östergren – Writer, social commentator and recipient of the 2015 Jasmine Prize


APNSW – Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers

BesD – Germany

CDCP – Italy

Desiree Alliance – USA

Durbar – India

Empower – Thailand

English Collective of Prostitutes – England


Hydra – Berlin

ICRSE – The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe

IUSW – International Union of Sex Workers

NZPC – New Zealand

Pion – Norway

Scarlet Alliance – Australia

SIO – Denmark

St James Infirmary – San Francisco

Strass – France

SWAI – Ireland



Hiv-Sverige – Recipients of the 2015 Jasmin Prize

Svenska brukarföreningen– Swedish Drug Users Union

RFSL – The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer rights

RFSU – Swedish Association for Sexuality Education