About Rose Alliance

Rose Alliance is a Swedish organisation for sex workers founded in 2003. Our main purposes are education/information, being part of current debate and providing social support. All our members are current or former sex workers.


1. Sex work is work and should be governed by and protected by the same labour laws as other work.
2. All humans should be seen as equal and entitled to their human rights.
3. Sex workers own the absolute right to speak for themselves about issues that concern them.
4. We respect the multitude of experiences and opinions amongst sex workers and the right to anonymity and integrity.
5. Rose Alliance are against all criminalisation of sexual services for compensation that takes place between consenting adults as well as being against criminalisation of third parties.
6. Rose Alliance is against all forms of coercion, violence, sexual abuse and slave like working conditions.


Our work can be divided into two main parts. Firstly we are a network for sex workers who help and support each other and provide social help within a harm reduction model. Secondly we provide information and take part in public debate in order to fight the stigma against sex workers in society.


Rose Alliance can help with breaking the feeling of loneliness and isolation, here you can meet others with similar experiences who wont judge. Some are happy with their decision to work with sex, some are unhappy and some have mixed feelings. We don’t differentiate between people but embrace all those who work with sex in any form, whether you work outside on the street or inside in, for example, a strip club. Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and we have sections in several parts of the country like Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. We respect each other’s anonymity.

We exchange both big and small thoughts and ideas, sad memories, funny anecdotes or just everyday occurrences. Your story is important, whether it contains predominantly sadness or happiness!

We engage in harm reduction work. Questions like: How to be more safe at work. How to negotiate about condom use. Are condoms really necessary for oral sex? What are my limits and how do I assert them? Where do I draw the line between work and my private life? How do I handle the feeling of stigmatisation? What are your rights when it comes to things like taxes or social security? Are social services questioning your parental rights? Are you in Sweden without a work visa?

A lot of people turn to Rose Alliance after experiencing problems of some kind, often involving the authorities. Because of this we have extensive experience and a large network of contacts. We have access to legal help and professional support from people who will treat you with kindness and respect.

Apart from being there for sex workers we can also help others who through their work come into contact with former or current sex workers. Individuals and organisations often turn to us with questions about how to reach out to certain groups or how to best approach, welcome or help people with experiences of sex work. It is sometimes hard to work together with colleagues and bosses if you are not on the same page when it comes to what approach and attitude to have. We can provide information about the the laws and regulations that actually are in place for this kind of work.


We speak up where sex workers voices usually are silenced. We dare to be difficult just by being there and taking part in debates. We write texts and articles, take part in studies and surveys. We are active on social media where we inform and educate and answer questions both from sex workers and the public. We organise and take part in workshops and events, have “open house days” in our offices and we meet up to network with colleagues and sex worker organisations from all over the world. We have many experienced and popular lecturers with expertise in areas like harm reduction and sex work or migration and trafficking. Rose Alliance has unique knowledge and access to a unique network.